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Who has never made a bet? The need to take a chance – however small – is there in all of us. This integral part of human nature has, over time, appeared in all forms. Sports Betting, Live Dealer Gambling, 4D Lottery and Slots Games, to name a few have become a part of our lives. So inevitably, then came the casinos. Nothing signifies good times quite like casinos. Their glitz and glamour have for a long time attracted people worldwide. Here in Malaysia it is no different. With a glitzy hilltop casino called Genting Casino, it is an attraction countrywide. However, it is intentionally difficult to get to. They are designed as exclusive attractions and there is considerable cost involved long before you start to play. Various regulations – both legal and for business reasons – have to be satisfied before you see or hear the slots or even visit the tables at the only land based Malaysia Casino


As such, even in its early days, the internet became an attractive alternative. Smart players started seeing the many advantages playing at the Best Online Casino in Malaysia. Today, with the rapid advances in technology, it is safe to say that Online Casinos are the place to be. There is something available for everyone. With the huge growth and continuing advancement of reliable, fast mobile technology, it is possible to have a “casino night” in any location imaginable. This has also allowed people to experiment with methods to consistently win at online casinos.

In today’s world we have endless options online. The issue now is not finding online casinos but choosing the right one for your needs. As a group of Casino Malaysia enthusiasts, we at YUBETCLUB Malaysia have quickly grown this platform into a Trusted Malaysia Online Casino. Individually we have all experienced the different issues faced while pursuing passion for fun gambling. So we firmly understand and believe that anyone should have the opportunity to play the game of their choice while getting maximum value for their money. We have an excellent array of games available, all chosen from the very best game providers. Setting Industry standards, the stability and security of our games give you the peace of mind to enjoy the endless options on offer. Added to this, our most popular games are available on mobile for both iOS and Android, making YUBETCLUB one of the Best Mobile Online Casino in Malaysia. The expectations of people playing at online casinos in Malaysia are very high. At YubetClub Malaysia we know that our expert combination of games, immersing you in an incredibly realistic world, will meet your every expectation.


Of course this does not mean we stand still. As a platform founded by people who love casinos and expect the best, everyone at YubetClub Malaysia is focussed on ensuring our clients have a great experience from start to finish. From the moment you sign up we have a number of options for you. Our various bonuses allow all levels of players to try new things while always maximising the funds they have spent. Your casino visit must be fun from start to finish. With many easy options to deposit funds and our secure and reliable payment systems, your winnings will be ready when you are.

We sincerely believe that our clients must trust us as a go to venue for all their Malaysia Online Gambling needs. However, we are also a professional organisation and believe in responsible gaming. We take steps to ensure there is no underage gambling and would advise our clients to always play responsibly. Nobody must go away having had a bad experience and during your time with us our customer service is always a step away if you ever need it.

Live Casino

We are all here because of our love for the live casino experience. Deciding which games to play, checking odds, following the form in a sport, we have all been there. Having people who understand all these things is why you should be playing with us at YubetClub, the premiere Casino Online in Malaysia. Maybe you love the buzz of the local venues. Maybe it is the old European casinos. Blackjack? Roulette? Or the latest hit game Age of the Gods Live Roulette? So many decisions and we have all the answers. With all the information you need onscreen and our lovely ladys there to help you while dealing, you can rely on YubetClub, THE Trusted Malaysia online casino to satisfy all your desires.

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With a selection covering all the top sports around the world, our Sportsbook will cover all your Sports Betting needs. Providing constant, real-time updates, we have all the information for you pros to make your calls without wasting any time. As for you beginners out there, we offer great ways to maximise your experience and your dollar.

Slot Games

What would a casino be without the Slots Games ? The rapid fire game of chance that you never want to stop playing. With the online casino slots, we know we have you covered. With NetEnt, 918Kiss or Joker slots games, to name a few, we have something for everyone. With a vast array of famous names or your favourite animated characters, you are able to customise your experience in great detail. So with five rows spinning and bonuses available at various stages of your playing time, you get a greater chance to win and a longer time to do it.

Offering the best games with our YubetClub touch is why we are recognised as a top trusted online casino in Malaysia.

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We have all tried our hand at this old favourite. Pencil in hand, queuing up for our chance. Well not anymore. Right here at YubetClub you will have all your choices. Displayed on an easy to read page we give you all the information you need to get your numbers in time wherever you are. Incorporating all the trusted 4D players, you need look no further than YubetClub Malaysia


Everything we do here at YubetClub Malaysia is focused on our client’s experience. From the moment you join us, we ensure there is a special Casino Promotions offer available to enhance your time with us. Anyone playing on our site will be treated the way they deserve. We invite you to visit our Promotions section to see just how serious we are about Online Gambling in Malaysia.

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