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The Magnificent Games of Evolution Gaming Live Casino

Evolution Gaming is not a foreign name to online casino games players. It is among the largest and most successful game provider in the world! Even though the pandemic hit the world badly for the past 2 years, Evolution Gaming never stops growing, especially in the live casino games section. They continue to acquire smaller companies in order to provide the best games and service to online casino players.

The successes of Evolution Gaming is of course contributed by the magnificent online live casino games and gambling games that they provide to the world. In this article, we will review the exceptional 5-star games that Evolution Gaming has developed and loved by many online casino players!

Evolution Gaming Online Casinos Games and App

Evolution Gaming online casinos are available on multiple platforms.

You can play live casino or live blackjack on the comfort on bigger screens of your desktop computer and you can also play on-the-go on your tablet and smartphone.

Some game providers do not optimize their apps and games for smaller screens which is why the gaming experience is sometimes bad if you play on phones or tablets. However, we are certain that you will not have this kind of problem with Evolution Gaming apps.

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The 5-star games of Evolution Gaming
evolution gaming lightning roulette

Lightning Roulette

Roulettes are a must at online live or online casinos, and we absolutely love Evolution Gaming's Roulette games!

The Lightning Roulette mode is undoubtedly the best roulette mode out there because it truly revolutionizes the game. Lightning Roulette is a game where for every spin, several lucky numbers on the wheel will be 'struck' by lightning (hence, the name).

What's so good about these lucky numbers? You will get massively increased earnings if your predicted number is ‘struck’ by lightning. How much? Well, you can expect it go up to 500/1! Not only that the pay-out is massive, the gaming experience is also better if you played it online.

You will be amazed with the great visuals graphics and audio that you will get when playing Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette. It is the perfect balance of breath-taking visuals and massive winnings potential, without adding new rules to the game.

Lightning Roulette is also available to play live in any online casinos, without sacrificing quality. Evolution Gaming’s top-of-the-line back-end infrastructure ensures your gaming experience will not be compromised even with hundreds of players playing online. No matter what kind of roulette that you are playing, Evolution Gaming will be able to experience the pleasure of playing together with other players or you can also play automated roulette games at your own discretion.

If you are looking for a more challenging roulette, then dual play roulette is something that we can recommend. It is an immersive roulette game that is not for the faint hearted. Do you have the skills needed to play dual play roulette? That is something only you will know!

Craps on Steroid!

Next on the line is Craps. Craps might not be everyone’s favourite, but you always see it in movies and television shows. This is because it is known to be the rowdiest table in a casino and many things can happen at a loud place.

Craps will not be the same if you are playing it online casinos, alone. Therefore, we really recommend you to try Evolution Gaming games. It allows you to play Craps and get the same rowdy experience even though you are playing on your laptop!

Nevertheless, you can still choose to play in a quiet table with other players as well. If you are still new, you don’t have to be intimidated if you don’t know the rules. All of Evolution Gaming’s online games and casinos provide built-in tools to help you learn the best way to play.

  1. Tutorials: you will get all the guides you require to learn the ways to play Craps and winning big. No need to open another browser tab, everything can be done in the live casino webpage.
  2. Easy Mode: If you got confused with the craps table (well, who don’t?), you can always try to play easy mode. Easy mode means you can play with fewer bet spots and make it easier for you to choose your vets. This might not be used by veteran craps players, but it is a godsend for newbies.
  3. Statistics: Gambling is all about statistics but unless you are a genius, you can never calculate your winning chances during every round in a live casino. At Evolution Gaming games, you can get these dynamic statistics all the time!
Go to the extreme with Baccarat

This casino game is more popular in Asian countries but Evolution Gaming ensures anyone from around the world can enjoy it!

As like craps, baccarat is another game that relies on the thrill and suspense to get your adrenaline going. If you ask us, playing live baccarat is the only way to play!

If you are a high roller, you should try Evolution Gaming’s Salon Prive Baccarat casino games. It is the top-tier VIP environment that you can only experience online! Every table is a live casino and have its own VIP table manager and you can choose who will be the live dealer for your baccarat games. You can even dictate the game speed if you are playing at the Salon Prive tables.

Since Salon Prive offers a very exclusive gaming experience, the tables provided are very limited. You will also have a minimum bankroll requirement in order to play at these tables!

It is very refreshing to see how Evolution Gaming manages to take the gaming experience to a new height with Salon Prive tables. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy playing Baccarat at the ‘normal’ tables. Feel free to try the many Baccarat casino games variations like Speed Baccarat, Lightning Baccarat and Dual Play Baccarat!

evolution gaming baccarat
Exceptional Poker with Evolution Gaming

An online casino will not be complete without Poker tables. It is a bread and butter to any casinos, either land-based or online. However, the Poker game modes that Evolution Gaming has is not what you can see at most casinos.

If you are bored with the ‘normal’ Poker, you can always try the very unique Side Bet City Poker. It will bring you back to the 1980’s Las Vegas and in this mode, you will play against a pay table, not against other players or the dealer. It is a much simpler poker but can still bring enormous winnings to your pocket.

Since you are playing against a pay table, you will need to bet on what kind of wins that you will get. If you feel that you will lose, you can also put your bet on your losing hand!

Once you have placed your bets, you will let the round continues until all cards has been revealed. It is a more laid-back game mode, but it is great if you are playing live. This is because you can have conversations with other players at the table while watching the game unfolds. Perhaps you can make some new friends while getting decent money into your coffers? It is not a shabby deal, isn’t it?

Evolution Gaming casinos is currently at the pinnacle of live casino games. Only the highest quality games can be found in Evolution Gaming casinos and having them as a partner greatly increases any online casino’s profit. Not only that, the variety of games that you can get from Evolution Gaming’s catalogue is something that cannot be underestimated.

Other than the games that we recommend here, you can also play other live games like live Blackjack, Dual Play roulette, live Texas Hold'em or Caribbean Stud Poker. We are sure that you will have a great time playing Evolution Gaming’s live casino games. Head over to the gaming ring and let’s start winning!