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How To Win At Online Slots Every Time

For seasoned casino goers, playing slots is perhaps their way of relaxing before playing a more serious casino games like poker or blackjack. For others, it can be their way to getting rich!

While some people think that winning slot games is purely down to luck, we believe it isn't so. You should do your research especially if you are playing exciting games like online slots. There are things that even seasoned players are unaware of.

So, read on to learn and win more at online slots!

The Evolution of Slots

Of course, as we all know, there have been several versions of slot machines over the years. In fact, slots are one of the earliest machines and most popular games to play in casinos.

If you have seen the fruit machine slots, it is actually an 'evergreen' slot games that you can see anywhere in the world and has been around for more than 100 years!

The original forms used coin slots, and some allowed you to play as many coins as possible. These older generation slots are also mechanically built and the first video slots are only built in 1976.

The video slots opened up a plethora of possibilities and endless fun while playing slots. The blinking lights and great sound effects are just some of the things that keep people hooked!

Next comes the online slots. As we can see, the evolution of slots has been quite impressive and you must be aware of the changes to make sure you stay ahead of other players or perhaps the casino itself.

Best Online Slot Game Malaysia

Before playing online slots or any other online casino games, you should only choose the best sites.

The top online slots companies today don't have limits to play like land-based casinos. This means you can play for as long as you wish.

However, that is not the best thing to do, and this is where reading the reviews of the company that you are playing from is important.

Below are some of the things that you need to check before you do any online gambling:

  1. Choose a trusted online casino Malaysia. How? By looking at their social media presences. Check their social media accounts and keep an eye on any comments or replies left by players. Is anyone complaining about withdrawals? Anyone felt cheated by gambling there? Do they leave happy comments ? All these can be found online. If the online casino that you found does not have an online presence, you should be extra aware because it's hard to validate their reputation.
  2. Choose an online casino Malaysia that put security at the top of the list. Online gambling is all fun until you cannot withdraw your winnings. Worse is when you wake up and suddenly seeing your balances went up in smoke due to hackers. Browse through these online slot games sites to see who are their game providers. The best game providers are always the ones that put the security as their priority.
  3. Awesome bonuses and huge rewards are something that must also be taken into consideration. All players inside a trusted online casino should be given the opportunity to get these monetary rewards when they want to. This might come in different forms like rebate commission, daily quest rewards, free VIP pass, deposit cashbacks or free rolls.
  4. Customer service is often overlooked by most online players in online casinos. This is very important to ensure that the players can get a quick answer to any questions within a short time. However, this doesn't mean that a live chat with the customer service must be implemented. A good customer service can also provide a good result via email replies as well.
How to Play Slot Games

Once you have chosen a trusted online casino Malaysia, the first step for greatness is to find out which online slots are the ones that you are interested in.

While slots are the easiest one to play, there are literally thousands of different online slot games online. However, it is very rare to see live slots in live casino games online. From this huge selection, some maintain the classic slot look but most have already evolved to slots with great fun.

If you cannot choose which online slots to play, you can try those that are free to play first. The free to play can be limited to a couple of rounds only, but there are online slot games provider that allow you to play the slots for free, and then take a look at the in-app purchases.

These in-app purchases can be in the form of higher bet multipliers or bundle of 'tokens' to play more rounds.

Set Your Bet

One of the things that make online slots more exciting is the various ways for you to be able to win something. If you want to win at online slots, you should set your bet in a way that you know, or can at least estimate your chances of winning.

A good rule is to go for the largest bet, even if you do not have a high chance of winning. This is because a small bet that you win will mean nothing to you even if it means doubling your score and bets.

However, always be aware of the choices you make because playing slot games responsibly is very important.

Responsible gambling is important to keep your mind focused to the game and think before you do anything.

Understand the Game

Before playing any slot game, you should understand the game completely. There is no better way for slot games to show that they are producing fair results than through their RNG program.

These RNG are randomly generated, meaning that the online casinos does not have any influence to the slot games results. Almost all casino games are now utilizing RNG to ensure their games are the best games that can be played by players.

You must also understand that when there's things that too good to be true, surely it will be.

For instance, do not accept any bonus that gives you 300x the jackpot. This is a serious no-no because the more you get, the more you need to pay. This can be costly and make your deposits gone in no time.

The best online casino Malaysia should not provide this kind of bonuses because it can really trick new players to lose their money very early in the game.

One thing that you need to understand while online gambling is that most of the time, the lower the payout, the greater your chance of winning. This might sound weird but you will need to consider this fact if you are to win regularly at online slots.

Know How to Play Online Slots for Profit

Below are the basic rule of playing online slots:

  • While playing in online casino, you must remember that you play with the negative expectation of winning. Put a mindset that winning something from slots is a bonus. This look like a bad tips, right? It's actually not because this is a very important step for you to keep control of yourself and gamble responsibly.
  • Set a limit to yourself. Don't play just to finish your slot tickets! Instead, determine how many times you want to pull the lever even before your first roll. Again, this means that you are keeping yourself under control.
  • Don't hurry and don't go crazy hitting that spin button right after the slot stops. If you play like this, you are just doing it out of habit and not controlling yourself. Perhaps, you are not even caring if you get any profit from your online games!
  • If you are having no luck with your online casino games, maybe it's just not your day. Stop playing immediately before you lost the plot and come back stronger on the next day!
Watch for Online Casino Bonuses and Offers

Of all the slots games, online slots are perhaps the most exciting when you can win real money. There are so many games available in an online casino. Choose the online casino Malaysia that offer you a chance to win real money instantly.

This is when you have to make sure that you keep your eyes peeled and not miss out on any offers. There are also a number of casinos online that offer a free spin slot that you can try which can double your chances of winning more.

Make sure you read the reviews of the game before investing in it. Over the years, Online games has become more and more interactive. Reviews of a particular game is a very good indicator as to whether you should invest your money in that game or not.

If you get to see a number of complaints in the reviews, then you can be sure to stay away from it.


Reading this guide can be a huge help for everyone, new or seasoned players. If you are in doubt with online slots and how it can make you rich, you should read this:

"It’s simple arithmetic: Your income can grow only to the extent that you do."

If you have calculated all the options and the chances to get a win, you will not be able to profit from it if you still played it safe.

The amount of profit that you can get will be negligible and not worth the effort. The best online casino Malaysia is usually an online casino that that provides a great gaming experience on par with land casinos!