A Newbie's Guide to Making Money with Sportsbook Betting Malaysia

If you're a Malaysian or currently living in Malaysia, you'll certainly see the passion that Malaysians have for sports. Malaysians love watching any kinds of sports, and most of them could've profited from it, if they have known about sportsbook betting.

Sportsbook betting is not something that is common in Malaysia. However, online sports betting cab be the best and perhaps the easiest way for sports enthusiasts to make money during your free time.

Sportsbook betting is no longer just choosing who will win a match, you can put a wager on almost anything that can happen in a match or game.

Who will keep a clean sheet?

Who will score the first goal?

Who will score a touchdown?

You can even put a wager on who will be the first managerial casualty in the English Premier League!

If you are just starting, this is a must read if you want to make great money from online sports betting sites.

What is Sportsbook Betting?

The term 'sportsbook' is used to describe the company that makes sports betting available. The majority of bookmakers offer a huge variety of sportsbook betting products that they market as their 'sportsbooks'.

Is There a Trial Version for Online Sports Betting?

Since you are a newbie in sports betting, you will most probably be inclined to test how it works before depositing money. Unfortunately, it is very rare to find online betting sites that provide trial or virtual money to test before you play for real.

However, this doesn't mean you must deposit money before you can play. There's always free bets being offered by only the best betting sites.

If you played your bets well, you don't even need to wager a lot to make a ton of money!

What Games are There to Wager On?

The most popular online sportsbooks has always been online football betting but that's not all. You can bet on other sports as well like rugby, American football, tennis, and crickets.

If you started playing when a major sports tournaments takes place like Roland Garros, the Euros or the World Cup, you will be in for a treat. These are the times where online betting sites will run various promotions and bonuses to entice players to wager and win more money.

The games that you can put your wager on is no longer limited to physical sports only.

Nowadays, you can even put your bets on various e-sport or virtual sports matches and tournaments like Valorant, Dota 2's The International, Mobile Legends Bang Bang and PUBG.

Given the various ways for you to play Sportsbook betting, there's also various ways for you to make great amount of money! Even if you don't win big, it is hard to not win a little extra money on the sides.

The Best Online Sports Betting Malaysia

There's not many betting sites in Malaysia but that doesn't mean there aren't any.

Malaysia has some of the best betting sites in the Southeast Asian region. As the saying goes, 'Quality is always better than quantity'.

Malaysian online sportsbooks are not only popular with local players but international ones as well. One Book Sportsbook and M8 Bet are the two names that are a cut above the rest.

What Makes a Great Online Betting Site, Great?

There's a lot of things to consider in grading an online sport betting sites. Based from our research, these three things below are the most important things that a great Malaysian betting sites should have:

  1. Security is the most important thing that you must have from a top sports betting sites. Without a good security, your deposited money will be vulnerable to hacks. Not only that, your identity can also be at risk if hackers managed to get into the database. If your online bookmaker is not putting this as a priority, then it is better for you to go elsewhere.
  2. Nowadays, you should be able to do your sports bet anywhere. It is also very important for you to be able to deposit or withdraw your money at any time. If the online sports betting site you frequent does not have at least a mobile-friendly web-based app, you will not be able to have much flexibility in putting your bets or withdrawing money at any time. A top sports betting sites will surely make its product available to everyone without much hassle.
  3. Bonuses and promotions are not a priority to most experienced sports betting players. However, it is a very important aspect to consider if you are a newbie. It can determine whether you will make it or not in sports betting. With great bonuses and taking advantages of all the promotions, you will be able to maximize your profit if you win your sports bet! Some of the bonuses that online betting sites have are referral bonuses, deposit bonuses, referral promotions, and daily log in bonuses.
  4. This is just a bonus, but it would be great if the sports betting website you are on have a great and vibrant community. Try to find if the company has a Facebook group or a Twitter account. Online betting sites with huge social presence is always a good indicator of a great betting sites. Just look at Paddy Power! Their funny Twitter presence makes the time spent on betting even more enjoyable! Not only that, you can get various bonuses and promotions if you RT or interact with their daily tweets!
How to Make a Profitable Bet

Whether you're new to sportsbook betting, or you're a regular punter, it's very easy to make a profitable bet.

However, the first thing that you must do is choose a reputable online sportsbook platform.

There are a number of online sportsbooks available to choose from, but if you want to make the most of your money, you'll have to choose the right one.

It is a free but taxing process, and you might be overwhelmed at some point. This is, however, a lot better than seeing your hard earned money got scammed from deposits to fraudulent websites. Here are a few tips that will help you make the right choice:

  • Research the online sportsbooks you are planning to choose and get information on the team's average betting odds and on their first goal scorer.
  • Make sure that the sportsbook has free games and live in-play options for the team you choose. It is important to compare the chances of winning and take the best advantage of the available options.
  • Even though it's not really an advantage, choose a sportsbook that has high volume of payouts. Those that are able to handle large volumes are always the best and safest place to bet.

If football is your favorite sports, the best sports betting sites will have more than 40 markets/leagues to choose from.

This makes it easier for the players to have their fingers on the pulse. There are different options and opportunities to make money from sports bets. The most popular one is perhaps the over/under.

Bookmakers usually set the over/under for a game as the lowest possible bet, i.e. a win is 1.5 goals or 2.5 goals. They offer a particular number on which to place your bet, and take the profit if the game is not over that number.

Most bookies have varying amounts of these, ranging from 1.5 goals to 3.5 goals, depending on the location and population of the town/city, and the average football match result in that area.

Normal Sports Betting vs Live Sports Betting

There's at least two betting options that you can choose from, normal betting and live betting. There's a slight difference between the two, but the difficulty level is very huge.

Most betting platform only provide betting that is done before the match / game starts. This is called normal sports betting. Normal sports betting is the easiest way for sports bookers to manage the pot. The odds are also fixed so if you can estimate what you will get if your bets are on target.

On the other hand, a live bet is a bet made any time after the game begins and before it ends. This means the odds are constantly changing because it reacts to any changes that happens during the game.

With this, you can make judgment calls by watching the game via streaming or when you are at the stadium. Since it is live, the sportsbook must always be opened during the game. This means the online betting site must have a great network infrastructure to handle the load.

A live betting program at any sports betting sites relies heavily on technology so not all of them can provide this great online gambling games.

The ones that can handle the load are almost certainly the top sports betting sites. Live betting offers lots of exciting bets that can keep you at the edge of your seat!

What are the Challenges?
  • Learning the whole range of sportsbook betting terminology will certainly take some time. So, most of the players would start by using punters guide to sportsbook betting or looking for information via the sports betting community forums. You can also join the team or discuss sportsbook betting. It will help you to improve your wagering skills.
  • Sportsbook betting is different from the usual online casino games. However, there are very few casinos that actually offer the best online sportsbook wagering deals. You need to make a lot of effort to find the best casino to play the best sportsbook games. This can be the biggest challenge for newbie sportsbook gamblers. But then again, it is the best way to improve your skills, and will help you to win more.
Place Bets With Confidence!

It is pretty easy for you to earn some money from sports betting. Your winning odds are even higher if you have done your researches well.

If you love sports betting, always make sure to check the historical data. Keep your eyes on injured players and always check Twitter or news portal if a player are unable to play due to COVID-19 restrictions.

You must also always be aware of promotions or campaign held at your favorite online sports betting sites so that you can maximize your profit with less effort!